Order My Gear


If you are not using Order My Gear to collect team sales, I have some bad news for you. You have missed out on about a 30% salary increase over the past 5 years. The good news is that pay raise is still there for you to have.

According to their website, Order My Gear (OMG) has processed over $220,000,000 in sales, launched 130k stores, and reached 1.7 million users. In addition, it has replaced the time intensive process of collecting orders and payment.

If you don’t know about Order My Gear, I suggest you reach out to them. From personal experience, they are the kind of partner you want.

Stores vs Catalogs

Order my gear provides two types of order collection: Stores and Catalogs.

Stores are built with items that you or the coach pick and add into an online website. The players can then go online for a predetermined period and pick the items they need, add them to a cart, and check out. Once the timeline is up, the software tabulates the totals.

Catalogs are an online collection of products. It can be sent to a coach or purchaser who can browse the items and pick which items they would like to purchase. They can then checkout and the order is sent to the sale rep.

Why you should use OMG

There are 4 good reasons why you should use OMG:

  1. Get paid up front.
  2. Increase add-on sales. Instead of selling a shirt and short to a player, you can also sell fan apparel, equipment and shoes.
  3. Access to new customers.
  4. They can do it all. Setup the website, respond to your customers questions, create artwork, print and ship.

Common Mistakes that OMG avoids

Online stores can really increase your ability to sell a lot. But, they should be done right. If you don’t, you will not want to do it again. Keep it simple and follow some of the below rules:

  1. Give yourself at least a month to deliver the product. Don’t over promise.
  2. Check status of products before you put online (Does the company have product coming in to back up what they currently have?)
  3. Once the sale closes, don’t reopen after you have ordered the product. Instead if you must reorder, have OMG create a new separate sale. You can use the same code and web address so the customer does not know the difference. Then give a new ship date different from the first one.
  4. Keep the sale to less than 20 products.
  5. Only use one artwork design.
  6. Track your backorders (orders you cannot fill when you separate the product).


What do you think? Is this something you use. How do you use it effectively? What do you think are the most common pitfalls?





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