Schutt Helmets

With over 50% of NFL skill position players wearing Schutt, team dealers and reps need to know this brand.  They need to believe in Schutt and where it is going. Schutt has always approached helmet manufacturing from a position of putting the best technology on the players’ heads. They continue to innovate and bring new exciting products to the field. As a sales rep, you need to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently the highlights of the Schutt helmet line, while not getting bogged down in technical jargon that will lose the interest of your customer.


The Schutt Brand

5 Star Helmets: Schutt has 5 of the top 6 five star rated helmets, and 6 overall 5 star rated helmets by the Virginia Tech helmet ratings study for their 2017 helmet lineup.

TPU: Thermal Plastic Urethane is the core of the Schutt helmet technology. It is exclusive to Schutt. You need to understand what it does and why Schutt uses it:

  • Better Impact Absorption in all temperature ranges. This contrasts with a foam based helmet.
  • Better Heat Management. Again, in contrast to a foam which traps heat, TPU is designed to allow heat to escape around the helmet liner and cool the athlete.
  • Better Hygiene. TPU is easy to clean and keep clean.
  • Better Resiliency. Over time TPU will continue to protect at the same level, in contrast to foam which can start to compress.

Dealer Network: Schutt uses you to sell helmets.


Selling the Helmets

I try and keep it simple with my customers. I typically give a quick rundown of the Schutt brand (see above) and then move into the specifications of 2-3 helmets. Whichever helmet they seem the most interested in, I will spend a little more time on that one. When asked for a price, I typically give them MSRP and work down from there. Don’t devalue the product! And take a sample.

Schutt has made some great improvements to their line over the last year. I want to highlight what I think are upgrades that make a difference to your customer:

  • Mechanically fasten TPU: I love this because you don’t have to worry about the Velcro system giving away and slipping out of place. In the past, you may have had customer issues with the TPU sliding out of place. Now that it is mechanically fastened, we don’t have to worry about that. Great upgrade Schutt!
  • Engineered Leather Comfort Pocket: This has been another great change. The forehead pad was not always the most comfortable. The new leather comfort pocket has changed that! Players like the way this comfort pocket feels when they put on the helmet.
  • Interlink Jaw Pads: The back of the pad is mechanically fastened with a Velcro system that attaches the different sizes.
  • Twist Release Faceguard: Once your remove T-Nuts and Screws the facemask comes off with a twist release above the nose.



These are big changes from Schutt. Make sure you familiarize yourself with them, because they will help you fend off reasons to not buy Schutt. Here are the top 5 reasons you get from coaches why they don’t want to buy your helmet and appropriate counter-responses:


  1. Riddell is what the NFL wears. Answer: 50% off the skilled NFL position players wear Schutt and 40% overall. 40% is a good number when you consider there are 4-5 helmet brands being worn by NFL players.
  2. The helmets are not comfortable. Answer: The new interlink jaw pads, liner (softer) and comfort pocket in the front of the helmet alleviate all the discomfort that was experienced in the past.
  3. The front pad slipped down and cut my players foreheads. Answer: The new mechanically fastened TPU does not move. This won’t be a problem.
  4. It’s what the players want. Answer: Have them try it on. Don’t compare our old product with Riddell’s new product. We also offer the latest technology. Kids often pick what they think is cool, not what is the best for them. Protect your players.
  5. It’s what I wore in college. Answer: You probably also drove a 1983 Honda Civic hatchback (what I drove), and you upgraded that right?


What other reasons have you heard? Do you have an answer for them? Comment below.


The Product

I focus on selling 3 helmets: Vengeance Pro, Z10 and the new F7.  Below, I will highlight what you should specifically communicate to a coach about each helmet (in addition to what we have talked about already):

  • Vengeance Pro
    • 4 Lbs lighter than Speed Flex helmet with Titanium faceguard.
    • 2 lbs lighter with a standard carbon guard.
    • This is the workhorse helmet.
    • 5 Star Helmet rating.
  • Z10
    • 3 lbs lighter than Speed Flex helmet.
    • 5 Star Helmet rating.
    • External cheek stabilizer, which locks the helmet on the head.
    • Most comfortable helmet on the market.
  • F7
    • 12 Oz lighter than Speed Flex.
    • Tetonic Plate System on outside of helmet. Improves management of rotational energy and impact absorption. “Plates reduce the force of the hit and help distribute the energy of the hit” -said Schutt.
    • “The movable plates, along with four additional layers of protection create the ultimate energy management system” -said Schutt



Craig Schlichting, the Schutt Western Regional Manager said “If you steal the ball before it gets across half court, the other team never gets a chance to score”. This must be your approach to selling helmets

Take advantage of special pricing and opportunities to sell Schutt in October and November. When talking with Craig, he said that only 10-20% of all national sales reps are selling helmets during this time.


Why should you presell in November?

  1. Best pricing and the most margin for you!
  2. Allows you to focus on Uniforms and Spirit packs in December and January.
  3. You beat the competition to the sale.
  4. You avoid the bottle neck on helmets painting and delivery in August.
  5. When you meet with coaches earlier in the year, it allows you to have first opportunity at the other items they are looking for.
  6. Schutt reps want to sell helmets during this time, so they are willing to travel with you. Use them to make yourself better.


I have been preselling helmets during the November timeline for the past 3 years. My margin on helmets has increased every year and my ability to service my customers has increased along with it. My coaches were reluctant to pull the trigger early at first, but now have become accustomed to getting their orders in early.

Are you selling helmets in November? Have you had success? If not, why? Comment below.


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