Garb Custom Uniforms

Have you ever had a customer change their mind on how a uniform is decorated after the quote and PO have already been processed? With Garb and their all-inclusive uniform pricing, you don’t have to worry about it.

Garb is a custom uniform and apparel manufacturer that delivers fully customizable uniforms in 4-6 weeks. Their pricing includes: any style of uniform, any of their fabrics, unlimited lettering and numbers, unlimited embroidery, sublimation options, logo’s and players names.  All while delivering in 4-6 weeks with free freight!

Garb makes working with them a breeze. It is refreshing when a vendor is trying to make it easier for you to work with them. For example, if your coach finds a uniform online they want, you only have two steps to get a mockup.  Step 1, cut and paste the image into an email. Step 2, note the colors and text you want and hit send. In my experience, Garb sends back a mockup in 1 day or less. To order is only 1 more step, you reply to the mockup with an approval and include your PO#, ship to, and size/number list. Order is done!

Delivery has been consistently under 6 weeks. Once you finalize your mockup they include a tracking number on the top of mockup so you can always track the process at Another cool tool at their website is that they have every high school in the USA setup in their mockup creator already. Which means every style they have created in a uniform will show up automatically in the school colors. What a great tool for coaches who don’t know what they want.

Garb has been producing baseball, football and basketball uniforms, but they are expanding into the apparel category. This past week, we were introduced to their new line of hoodies, jackets, quarter zips, polo’s, long sleeves, shirts, windbreakers, and pants. This new line has unlimited options just like the uniforms. I am very excited about the possibilities of being able to customize this new line in school colors and deliver decorated to the customer.

Do you use Garb? How has it worked for you? Who are you selling it to?




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