Million Dollar Sales Reps

My first year in sales, my goal was $200k in sales.  Being new to sales and in an unchartered territory, it seemed to be a lofty goal. I needed an approach that would simplify it for me. Thinking every day that I needed to write 200k in sales this year did me no good. There were not any single 200k sales. It was going to take a systematic approach.

I decided that my goal was to write $1000 in sales every day. Each day I did this, I felt good about it.  Each day I did not, it drove me to think about how I was going to do it the next day.

I ended my sales year at $201k that first year. Each year after that, I have found a goal that I can work towards daily.


My team always ask what it takes to be a $1,000,000 sales rep. I have always responded it takes 3-4 years of hard work. But what does that mean? I decided to do a test and quantify my results to better understand.

The test

I took sales reps who have worked for two full years.  I calculated their yearly tickets, sales lines per ticket, sales and gross profit. I also categorized them into metro areas (Greater than 100k people in sales area) and whether they were primarily an inside/outside salesperson. My hypothesis was that the more successful sales reps would have more tickets and sales lines. Mind blowing, right? No not really. But, I wanted to quantify it so that I could tell a new rep what it would take.

By the numbers

There can be multiple tickets in one sale. For example: If you sold a basketball spirit pack. The travel gear top would be embroidered (1 ticket), the pants would ship direct (2nd ticket), the practice jerseys would be sublimated (3 ticket), hoods would be screen printed (4th Ticket) and the coach’s polos would be versacut (5th ticket). Everyone’s system is different, so adapt this to your system.

Category 4: (Reps who sold $100,000-499,999 in yearly sales).

  • Average Tickets per day: 3.56
  • Average Sales Lines per day 13.02

Category 3: (Reps who sold $500,000-999,999 in yearly sales).

  • Average Tickets per day: 6.12
  • Average Sales Lines per day: 18.78

Category 2: (Reps who sold $1,000,000-1,399,999 in yearly sales).

  • Average Tickets per day: 10.50
  • Average Sales Lines per day: 33.40

Category 1: (Reps who sold $1,400,000 +)

  • Average Tickets per day: 13.011
  • Average Sales Lines per day: 43.37

I figured 235 work days for every year. 365- 104 (WEEKEND DAYS) – 14 (VACATION DAYS)- 10 (HOLIDAYS)= 235

summary million dollar salesaman tickets and sales lines


To be a million-dollar sales rep you need to put in 10 tickets per day. Some are small, some are big, and it really doesn’t matter.  Over time, the average will work out and you will be a million-dollar sales rep. This works for inside/outside sales reps and metro vs rural. It does seem easier to write sales over $1,400,000 being in a metro area, but $1,000, 000 in rural areas are attainable in most populations.

Are you putting in 10 tickets per day?





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