Late one night the phone rang in my office. The customer wanted jockstraps. A lot of them. I proceeded to tell her timelines and pricing.  After she questioned me about sizes, colors, and durability, as well as a few other sensitive questions, she finally broke down laughing. It was a prank call.

It was a prank call from a family friend and my amazing wife was in the background encouraging her. When I got home later that evening, our friend was surprised at how we could deliver something so unique (to her), in a timely fashion. She was also surprised how I could hold it together in such a professional way with all her questions (some of which would make you cringe).

I remember thinking it could be a prank call. But, sometimes our customers do have unique requests and needs. Once, I worked with a retail customer for 30 minutes after the store closed. The customer had a lot of questions and wanted fitted in every running shoe we had on the floor. I helped him and he eventually walked out of the store with a new pair of shoes. Success. I would have liked to tell him we were closed and I could not help him. I am glad I did not, as it turned out to be the best friend of the current president of our company. Major success. You never know who your customer is or whom they will turn out to be.  Hence, I took the prank phone call seriously.

I took this lesson and have applied it to my sales and management career. Treating every opportunity as just that- an opportunity. This blog is about sharing what has worked for me and my affiliated company.