By my estimation there are only about 2500-3500 true team sporting good sales reps. These sales reps sell 95% of all wholesale team sporting goods in the US. Our goal is to reach these reps directly with weekly blog posts delivered in several different ways.

  1. Linked In- We are averaging over 500 views on the article posted by me but not including any reposts by industry insiders.
  2. Twitter/Facebook- We push this out and tag brands and brand partners
  3. Email Lists- Subscribers receive the email into their inbox.
  4. Blog followers- We average over 200 unique views each week.

Our best blog posts have generated over 1500 views between all social media and blog views. I find this outstanding considering our blogs posts are specifically focused on team sporting goods sales. We are the first to this category and relatively new. While our numbers are not huge you must remember our audience is small. This is a $2,000,000,000 category of business that is only being serviced by 2500-3500 people. I have seen our readership continue to grow.

My voice is that of a sales rep and a manager in this industry. I take the perspective of trying to take factory information and give it a spin that works in the field. Typical posts include ways for sales reps to be more effective in their approach and how brands can make that happen.

There are several ways for you go get involved with us. You can any of these individually or in combination.

Vendor Review– This goes at the top of the blog. We will work together to get the information you want out to our readers.

  • 1-time extensive review.
  • 6-monthly reviews to highlight products or services by gradually introducing our readers to your brand.
  •  12-monthly reviews to highlight products or services and extensively introduce our readers to your brand. If you have a lot of different products or services, this might be the best approach.

Right Hand Widget– We can put content (videos or pictures) and combine that with a link to your brand. There are three spaces available for this for three periods of time. This ad will show up on every page when viewed on the website.

  1. 1-Month
  2. 6-Month
  3. 12 Month

In Blog Post Ads- These are great because the ad is embedded in the blog post. Readers from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and email posts all still see this even if they don’t read the post on the website. These ads stay forever.

All content from the site is made available for the life of the website. Our post size is short, we try to write between 500-1000 words. My belief is that we are all busy and too much information will not be read. We want to focus on a few points that can be read in a short period of time.

Contact me to find out how we can work together.


Pat Weber